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It’s good to be King, and if you can’t be King it’s good to be in the top .01% | Mother Jones

Winners Take All

The superrich have grabbed the bulk of the past three decades’ gains.

Aevrage Household income before taxes.

If you look at intelligence by percentile you are amazed with how much smarter the top .01% are than the top 1%. Which is sad because being in the top 1% is a great thing and people who are that smart shouldn’t have to look and see how dumb they are on an IQ scale next to the others. In Athletics it goes the other way. The difference between being the fastest out of 100 and the fastest out of 10,000 isn’t that big of a difference. In fact the biggest difference is probably between being the fastest out of 3.5 billion and the fastest out of 7 billion people. (Go Usain) I think most people picture financial success to be similar to the athletic scale. Most people would therefor be wrong. But most people, or 9999 out of a ten thousand are not in the top .01% in IQ.

The truth is the scale is nearly logarithmic and the top .01 percent are so much richer than the top 1%. They make about about 250x more, I would give you a more accurate number but I am not in the top .01% in intelligence and I am too lazy to get the calculator out. I love the capitalist system, I love the idea of a meritocracy, however, I think things have become a little crazy.

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